Seasonal position: Ice cream truck loader and cleaner (available for international students as well)

Seasonal positions available from May 1st 2023 until August 31 2023

 Ice cream truck loader and cleaner.

Duties and responsibilities:

Clean ice cream trucks  and load ice cream truck with supplies such as popsicles (boxes less than 12lbs), cones, toppings etc.

Keep parking spots clean (swipe floor, wash compartment sink)

Guaranteed hourly wage: $15 per hour

Minimum 40- 50 hours per week.

For international students: we will provide free apartment or room to stay 

 If you interested in this position, please send your request:

ONLY for International Students:

Considering the importance of interaction with native speakers and learning about local culture, we are providing great opportunity to fulfill that between noon-5pm by expressing our culture and interacting with local people by going to local libraries, malls, parks and at the end of the season traveling the places you desire to visit most.

This position can be done in 2 parts from 8am to noon and from 5pm-9pm (free available time from noon-5pm).

We also have a great team and neighbors who will help you to improve your English and better understand our culture.

On days off, we provide great opportunities to travel to local cities to visit great places, interact with Americans and learn our culture.

Philadelphia city 30 minutes away from us

Atlantic City 45 minutes away

Cherry Hill City 20 minutes away 

 Students will have the opportunity to visit and travel locally every week, which will help you to fulfill interaction with Americans and learn about our culture.